How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company

Posted by admin | February 24, 2016

Everyone wants the best app. And this is exactly what most of our clients ask for when they contact us.

But there is a process that allows you to build the app you really want, if not the best in the world. This process starts with choosing an app development company that can understand your vision with mobile.

As easy as it may sound, choosing the right mobile app development company is the most critical and the most challenging part of app development. Every app development company claims to be the best, but not many can actually deliver on their promises, and eventually, most of them will let you down. Some companies even outsource the work to another company or to freelancers, and these multiple layers make you lose control over what you are building.

Having been in the industry for a long time, we have seen mainly two types of clients: Those who come directly to us the first time, and those who did not get the desired results with other companies, and come to us for rescue. Based on our experiences, we have listed a few points which we hope will help you in choosing the right partner for your app development.

Know the team – Getting together a good team with right intent is half the battle won. Ask about the experience of the developers in your team, and what kinds of apps they have built. During initial meetings, talk to the project lead as well. This will give you a broad understanding of the expertise the company has in different platforms and technologies.
Client portfolio – To learn more about the kind of work a company has done, scan their portfolio. This would provide a good indication of the kinds of problems they’ve solved through apps. To verify their credibility, client references come in handy. References can tell you all the positives and negatives, helping you make a well informed decision. Beware of the Fly-By-Night operators, the firms who have no history or lineage.
App development process – Everyone demands visibility and timely delivery of their app. To minimize any problems in the future, ask your app development team to explain their process to you. Are they agile, and will they give you frequent updates on development, or will they leave you to chase them for updates? Be sure to clear up any concerns you may have.
Post development consultation – Building the app is just the first step. The next step is to promote it in the right market, and ensure it is hosted on the cloud for high availability and scalability, which is an absolute necessity. So you should find a company which is not just an outsourcing partner, but can also act as a consulting partner throughout the development cycle and after the app is launched.
Testing and maintenance – Most of our clients with Rescue projects are those who have had an app built, but could not run it successfully. The main reasons for this are performance and security issues that come up later on. This is because many app development companies can build your app, but cannot provide the maintenance that is essential in the long run. Do make sure that your mobile app development company will be able to provide testing and maintenance services as well.

At App Works, we follow a lean startup model, which is a proven, systematic approach to new product development. The process ensures that you are always on track with the development of your app and know what we are building for you. Our experienced developers have the technical expertise and business understanding to help you build your app. We take complete ownership by providing a product owner who works with you to understand your business requirements, so that we work on building your app while you focus on your core competencies.

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